I’ve been afforded some time away from daily busy-ness over the first part of December, so I will be using this time to go into a semi-retreat during these dark winter months, to do some meditating, reading, and thought. This means that I will not be using my computer much at all, and therefore will not be posting on the blog.

The blog is not going into retirement though, only retreat. I imagine I will lose most of my readers, but that’s ok. The point of this blog is not to become widely-read, but to lead me to greater wisdom. Right now I can get greater wisdom through getting away from my writing the blog and so I will.

However, I will also be back. And it will not be very long that I pause. For those of you who like this blog and want to be reminded of it once I begin posting again, I encourage you to click the “Sign Up” button on the right to receive an email notification. It’s very easy, and it’s also easy to unsubscribe when you are done with it.

Otherwise, you can just check back periodically. Feel free to leave comments as well.

Peace to all. I’ll be back when the gloom of winter is darkest.

6 comments on “Retreat

  1. Wyandotte says:

    Er…you are supposed to be resting and retreating when the gloom of the winter is darkest.

  2. bgc says:

    He who seeks *will* find.

  3. Alpha Anomaly says:

    Taking a break is a good thing to do every once and a while. I hope you will find it rejuvenating.

  4. imnobody says:

    Best of luck in your retreat. We will waiting you. Thank you for your blog, so useful to truth-seekers like me.

  5. bgc says:

    The winter was at its darkest yesterday – yet still you are not back!…

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