Latin Pronunciation

Since someone requested in the comments a pronunciation guide to my most recent Latin post, I thought it would be fun to just read them aloud and post them here. Plus, it forced me to figure out how to upload audio onto this blog, which might be nice in the future. (But since when did it become impossible to convert files to mp3 using iTunes? I ended up having to do that online, since WordPress requires mp3 files. Oh well, it ended up being easy enough.)

Click on the play button below to hear the sentences.

  • Nihil sine magno labore vita mortalibus dat.
  • Boni propter amorem virtutis peccare oderunt.
  • Populus stultus viris indignis honores saepe dat.
  • Otium sine litteris mors es.
  • Eximia forma virginis oculos hominum convertit.

My translations and attempts at cheeky illustration here.


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